Some things are just made for each other...
Like Cirba and VMware®

By pairing Cirba’s control analytics with the market leading virtualization management and cloud provisioning solutions from VMware, your organization can achieve intelligent, software-defined control over your infrastructure.

Think of Cirba as middleware. It’s a brain that integrates seamlessly with the VMware stack providing policy-based control over workload placement, enabling you to realize your goals of faster time to market, lower costs and above all automated operations.

Cirba makes VMware smarter

Cirba’s predictive, policy-based analytics seamlessly integrate with VMware to provide intelligent, automated placement decisions. Why do organizations that own the VMware suite also use Cirba? Two reasons:

  1. Only Cirba automatically determines the optimal hosting environments VMs and reserve resources for your workloads.
    Cirba ensures your workloads get the compute, software, network and storage resources they need and the service levels your users expect. Cirba’s placement decisions comply with business and operational policies and balance demand across environments to eliminate stranded capacity and ensure efficiency.
  2. Only Cirba densifies and reduces motioning and resource contention risk in infrastructure.
    Cirba intelligently dove-tails workloads in order to maximize efficiency, avoid resource conflicts and ensure compliance. These intelligent placements also significantly reduce motioning and calm environments. Cirba has been proven to safely increase VM density by an average of 48% in VMware environments over using VMware tools alone, delivering 33% in hardware savings. When its placements are used to minimize processor and core-based software licensing requirements, Cirba has delivered an average of 55% savings on Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and other applications.

Some of the ways Cirba helps make VMware smarter include:

  • vRealize™ Automation™ & vRealize Orchestrator – Cirba integrates with VMware to automate cross-environment routing decisions and also reserve capacity for inbound workloads to ensure its available when its needed

    • Cirba replaces vRA’s basic logic with intelligent, policy-based routing designed to optimally balance supply and demand across your environments
    • Cirba factors in advanced criteria such as complex storage requirements, proximity requirements, software license control considerations, as well as a number of business and technical requirements to optimize decisions
  • DRS – Cirba integrates with DRS to program advanced placement rules in an automated way, enabling organizations to take advantage of the real time performance safety net provided by DRS while still leveraging Cirba’s policies and infrastructure optimization capabilities

    • Cirba minimizes motioning and DRS activity by analyzing workload patterns and placing VMs to avoid the risk of resource contention
    • Cirba dovetails workloads to maximize density in ways that real-time tools cannot
    • Cirba enables software license control that intelligently drives the placement of VMs requiring certain software packages, minimizing their licensing footprint
  • vCenter – Cirba integrates with vCenter to enable automated data collection and action automation including:

    • Strategic host level placements and rebalancing
    • VM sizing, including hot add and resource reclamation
  • NSX™ – Cirba optimizes VM placements considering transport zones and VxLAN membership to achieve greater density in SDN environments.

  • vRealize Operations™ – Cirba complements vROps’ predictive performance analytics with predictive supply and demand analytics that optimize VM placements, maximize density and reduce risk. Cirba has integrated to vROps to leverage its historical utilization data in its analysis - enabling immediate actions in environments new to Cirba.