Take KVM running OpenStack®
from Good to Great with Cirba

By pairing Cirba with KVM running OpenStack®, your organization can finally realize densified, low risk virtual and cloud operations powered by intelligent, policy-based analytics.

Cirba has been proven to increase VM density by an average of 48% of manual placements or load balancing tools, delivering 33% in hardware savings. When Cirba is used to manage placements to reduce processor and core-based licensing costs, the solution delivers an average reduction in licensing requirements of 55%!

Only Cirba can optimize VM routing and placement decisions to:

  1. Route your VMs to the right environment every time, ensuring your workloads get the resources they need, the service levels your users expect and that Availability Zones are balanced, efficient and comply with all required policies and regulations.
  2. Densify infrastructure supply and reduce operational risk by optimally and automatically fitting VMs together in order to ensure efficiency, safety and compliance.
  3. Reduce software licensing requirements by placing VMs to reduce processor and core-based licensing requirements.
  4. Gain operational visibility by using policy-based analytics to measure efficiency and uncover risks.

Watch this video to learn how Cirba densifies and reduces risk in KVM environments running OpenStack:

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