Cirba Enables Software-Defined Control for
Microsoft®-based Infrastructure

As organizations drive toward faster access to infrastructure resources, automated operations and greater efficiency, a new layer of control is required. One that understands the full requirements of the inbound and existing demand, the governing polices that apply and also has a complete understanding of the availability and capabilities of the infrastructure supply - both internal and external.

Cirba provides that control for Microsoft-based infrastructure with demand management for understanding the requirements of applications and matching them with the host platform, environment and servers. Cirba also provides an optimization engine for densifying the supply on:

Cirba & Microsoft Azure

Cirba supports workload routing and ongoing control for hybrid cloud environments that include Microsoft® Azure™, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM® SoftLayer® and VMware® vCloud® Air™, enabling:

  • Automated routing to the optimal hosting environment, evaluating internal and external hosting environments
  • Visibility and control for workloads in hosted public clouds ensuring they are both performing and right-sized

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Cirba & Microsoft Hyper-V

Just as cloud and virtualization are revolutionizing how enterprise IT is defined, Cirba is changing forever how infrastructures are balanced and meet demand requirements. Cirba provides infrastructure optimization analytics for Microsoft Hyper-V that reduces VM motioning and performance risk while maximizing infrastructure efficiency through better VM placements and sizing.
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Cirba works with all major cloud management platforms, hypervisors and virtualization management systems.

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