Cirba Enables Software-Defined Control for
IBM®-based Clouds and Infrastructure

Cirba partners with IBM technology and services teams on many fronts to enable software-defined control and optimization for IBM-based infrastructure. Click on your area of interest to learn more:

Cirba & IBM Cloud Orchestrator

As more diverse virtual and cloud hosting options become available, what organizations really require is intelligent automation that is driven by analytics with a complete world view that includes detailed workload requirements and deep awareness of the capabilities of available infrastructures. Cirba adds this intelligence to the automated provisioning and management capabilities available in IBM Cloud Orchestrator, which together provide incredibly powerful software-defined control for any organization looking to adopt a private cloud.

Cirba integrates to IBM Cloud Orchestrator providing customers with software-defined control over their environments in order to automate and safely optimize application hosting, workload placement and VM sizing decisions.

Watch this 5 minute video to learn more about Cirba and IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

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Cirba & IBM Softlayer

Cirba supports workload routing and control for hybrid cloud environments that include Microsoft® Azure™, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM® SoftLayer® and VMware® vCloud® Air™.

Cirba provides:

  • Automation of routing to the optimal hosting environment, evaluating internal and external hosting environments
  • Visibility and control for workloads in hosted in public clouds ensuring they are both performing and right-sized

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Cirba & IBM PowerVM on AIX

Just as cloud and virtualization are revolutionizing how enterprise IT is defined, Cirba is changing forever how infrastructures are balanced and meet demand requirements. Cirba provides infrastructure optimization analytics for IBM PowerVM on AIX. To learn more about how Cirba enables software-defined control to automate routing and optimize infrastructure, visit our use cases page.

Cirba & IBM Outsourcing & Managed Services

IBM outsourcing and managed services leverage its global IT infrastructure management services as a catalyst to drive innovation for your business. IBM has standardized worldwide on Cirba for software-defined infrastructure control and optimization for its outsourced client infrastructure business.

For more information, visit IBM Outsourcing and Managed Services.

Cirba and IBM Cloud Builder Professional Services

IBM Cloud Builder Professional Services puts organizations on the fast track to having an on-premise private cloud. A leader in enterprise-class cloud computing solutions that include software, hardware and services, IBM has embedded Cirba's Software-Defined Infrastructure Control software in the Cloud Builder Professional Services offering to provide software-defined control over VM placements.

For more information, visit IBM Cloud Builder Professional Services.

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