Ensure Performance with Arista Network-Aware
VM Routing and Placement Decisions

Cirba incorporates rich metrics available from Arista to determine precise network-aware VM routing and placement decisions, significantly reducing risk and delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency and agility.

“The ability to leverage Arista’s advanced metrics, such as LANZ buffer utilization, ensures that VM routing and placement will proactively optimize the use of resources and avoid performance issues within running environments.”
Andrew Hillier, CTO & co-founder, Cirba

Watch to learn how Cirba provides VM placement control for Arista-based environments leveraging data from Arista EOS
(Extensible Operating System) with telemetry and cloud bursting capabilities (including Latency Analyzer LANZ and Virtual Machine Tracer).

“The combination of workflow telemetry delivered by Arista EOS and CloudVision® and Cirba’s placement analytics, support next generation data center customers and their migration to private, or hybrid clouds.”
Ed Chapman, Vice President Business Development and Alliances, Arista