Cirba Provides Control for Workloads Running
in AWS Infrastructure

As organizations move to adopt hybrid cloud, a new kind of control is required. One that automatically determines which environment workloads should be hosted in to meet its detailed resource, technical and business requirements. And, one that continues to provide ongoing operational control based on those same requirements.

Cirba enables organizations leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to:

  1. Automatically determine where workloads should be hosted comparing AWS vs other hosting environments such as internal environments or other public clouds (VMware® vCloud® Air™, IBM® SoftLayer, Microsoft® Azure™)”
  2. Ongoing management control over workloads running in AWS
    • Discovery and visibility into utilization
    • Cloud instance right sizing recommendations
    • Decision control and analysis for determining when to move a workload out of AWS to a more suitable internal hosting environment

To learn more about how Cirba works with all major cloud management platforms, hypervisors and virtualization management systems to provide software-defined control, explore the diagram below.