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Cirba Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Cirba has re-imagined infrastructure control for the software-defined era in which application requirements drive how enterprise infrastructure is leveraged and managed. Using a powerful combination of policy, predictive analytics, and automation, Cirba optimizes workload routing, reservation, sizing, and placement decisions.


Policy-based Control of Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

Imagine having the ability to control the efficiency and risk of cloud infrastructure using just one console , a console that visually represents the state of operations and provides the explicit actions required for optimization. Imagine knowing that you have the perfect amount of infrastructure to satisfy SLA requirements, without having too much. And, imagine knowing that your workloads are optimally placed and configured. This is the power of Cirba.


Cirba for Software License Control

Cirba’s Software-Defined Infrastructure Control solution scientifically balances and right-sizes virtual and cloud infrastructure, using a powerful combination of policy, predictive analytics and automation. Cirba takes a ‘demand-driven’ approach to infrastructure optimization, to ensure perfect alignment between application requirements and compute, storage, network, and software license resources. Cirba’s Software License Control module reduces processor or core-based software licensing requirements by an average of 55%.