Cirba's Reservation Console

Real-Time Automated Workload Routing Decisions & Capacity Reservations

Cirba's Reservation Console makes routing workloads to the right host environment and reserving capacity as easy as booking a hotel online. Support for hybrid cloud provides the critical decision control point for whether applications reside on internal infrastructure or in the public cloud.

Cirba's Reservation Console is unique in its ability to find the optimal host environment and server placement in real-time for new VM requests based on critical criteria, including workload requirements, technical requirements, operational and business policies, and relative cost in order to meet workload requirements and balance demand. Integrating with your existing self-service request portals or cloud management platforms, Cirba automates new VM routing and reserves capacity for those VMs to guarantee its available when needed.

 Cirba Reservation Console

Define Demand

Define Demand

Track and manage all new VM placement requests from self-service portals, cloud management platforms, migration projects, and release management, capturing details such as:

  • Requested resources, utilization, and business, technical, and software requirements
  • Packaged integration to VMware® vRealize Automation and OpenStack enables Cirba to capture demand directly from those cloud management platforms to intelligently route workloads

Optimize Environment Selection

Optimize Environment Selection

Rank target environments with the Hosting Score – a single metric measuring a cluster or cloud's suitability for the new workload based on:

  • Occupancy
  • Relative Cost
  • Fit for purpose criteria such as:
    • Software Licensing
    • OS
    • HA
    • Storage
    • SDN transport zones
    • NFV componentry
    • Security
  • Performance Zones and Proximity requirements


Reserve Compute and
Storage Capacity

Critical to measuring, planning, and managing an environment is knowing what is coming into it! Cirba enables users to reserve capacity for new workloads to ensure its there when required and also give an accurate view of future resource requirements.

Automate Decisions

Confidently automate new VM placements and reserve capacity for the workload leveraging integrations to VMware® vRealize Automation, OpenStack, IBM® Cloud Orchestrator, and Cirba's web services API.

Cloud management platforms, like VMware vRealize Automation vCAC and OpenStack, are designed to provision VMs, but do not have the information or analysis required to determine the best host to start these workloads on, or to reserve capacity for upcoming placements. Integration to Cirba fills these gaps.
Cloud management platforms call the Cirba API to get an accurate, detailed answer as to the optimal hosting environment (workload routing), as well as detailed host-level placement for new VMs. Cirba also reserves or books capacity for the VM to guarantee its availability when the VM is ready to be deployed and enable accurate forecasting of requirements.
Cirba's multi-dimensional analytics consider the complete set of technical, business and utilization data in order to optimize VM placements, rebalance environments and optimally allocate resources.
Cirba optimizes internal cloud infrastructure with daily recommendations on VM placements and resource allocation changes. Packaged integration to VMware and available XML extracts enable easy integration to management tooling, ticketing systems, orchestration tools, etc.