Partnering with Cirba

Join an ecosystem of world-class service providers, VARs and technology partners.

Our technology is used by the world's most successful organizations to scientifically balance infrastructure supply and application demand— resulting in infrastructure that is stable and provisioned based on analytics derived answers rather than human best efforts and guesses.

The Cirba Partner Program is designed to empower a variety of IT services organizations and resellers with Cirba’s market leading Hybrid Capacity Analytics solutions. Services powered by Cirba are faster, more accurate and result in happier customers.

Partner Program Tracks

Assessment Services Providers

Leverage Cirba’s Densify Service Factory to assess customer environments on a project by project basis. The Densify Factory expert services and all required software is provided at an attractive fixed fee per engagement. Rich deliverables ensure that your teams have exactly what is required to guide customers through transformation and migration. Supported transformation analytics include:

  • Virtualization densification – analyze existing virtualized environments for opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • Virtualization tech refresh – analyze virtualized environments for purposes of refreshing hardware and right sizing at the same time
  • Physical to Virtual transformation – analyze physical servers for purposes of transforming to virtual
  • Cloud transformation – analyze existing infrastructure for potential to move to private or public cloud
  • Cloud cost assessment – analyze existing public cloud instances to determine optimization steps

Managed Service Providers

Use Cirba to differentiate their service offerings, manage the process of transforming customer infrastructure, and control the balance of infrastructure supply and demand over the term of their outsourcing agreements. Outsourced infrastructure controlled by Cirba analytics ensures the lowest cost profile possible while maintaining service levels.


Value-Added Resellers (VARs) that sell Cirba licenses to the Global 2000. Cirba Resellers can resell Cirba software subscriptions for both on prem licensing or Cirba’s SaaS version.

Technology Partners

Cirba technology partners integration other infrastructure management ecosystem components with Cirba’s analytics engine. Leveraging a rich API, these partners can bring the power of Hybrid Capacity Analytics to their customers as an integrated component.

Cirba Partner Program Features

Not only will Cirba provide you with the best results for your customers, joining our partner program can help you differentiate your service offerings and kick start sales.

The Cirba Partner Program provides:

  • Sales and marketing support
  • Service delivery support and resources
  • Services and sales resource portal
  • Comprehensive training, testing, and support programs
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Responsive technical support

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