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Optimizing Use of Physical Storage Resources Through Intelligent VM Placement and Reservations

Cirba recently announced integration to EMC® ViPR® SRM, enabling organizations to optimize use of storage resources through smarter workload placements and visibility into storage health.

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Ben Fathi, Former VMware® CTO, Joins Cirba Board of Directors

As reported in Fortune magazine by Barb Darrow, Ben Fathi, former VMware® CTO, joined Cirba’s board of directors.

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Cirba Integrates to IBM® Cloud Orchestrator to give customers Software-Defined Control Over VM Placements

As more diverse virtual and cloud hosting options become available, what organizations really require is intelligent automation that is driven by analytics, with a complete world view that includes detailed workload requirements and deep awareness of the capabilities of available infrastructures.

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Bank of America CTO Discusses Drive to Move to Software-Defined Infrastructure

Cirba customer, Bank of America, was recently interviewed by ZDNet on the topic of their software-defined infrastructure (SDI) effort.

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Path to Becoming Software-Defined: Insights from Industry Experts

Last week Cirba invited a group of about 20 senior IT workers, ranging from CIOs to heads of infrastructure and architects, to meet experts and discuss their views of the software-defined data center.

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Cirba announces support for KVM running OpenStack®

This week we announced support for KVM environments running OpenStack®. We are seeing a rise in popularity of this platform in our customer base as a secondary platform.

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Betting on VMware® vRealize™ Automation™ (formerly VMware vCloud Automation Center) for your private cloud?

VMware’s vRealize Automation (vRA) was designed to automate the provisioning workflow surrounding new VMs.

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The Cost of Bad Routing Decisions in Private Cloud

As more organizations plan to deploy cloud management platforms (CMPs) like VMware vRealize Automation that will span multiple hosting environments, they start to examine in depth how they will determine which environments new workloads will get routed to.

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How Software-Defined Infrastructure Control enables success in private cloud

The cloud promised to deliver faster access to capacity, automation and truly fit-for-purpose infrastructure. But a catalog and a self-service portal alone don't fully constitute cloud. And what most organizations call cloud today really isn't. In reality, most organizations haven't achieved their cloud goals and don't have a clear line of sight how to get there.

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Don't Get Burned by the Shift to Core-based Licensing for SQL® Server 2014

Anyone who owns the SQL® Server licenses for their organization will know that Microsoft® made a change to standardize on core-based licensing for the enterprise edition with the 2014 release in April.

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5 Tips to Reduce Software Licensing Costs in Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

Virtual and cloud environments have opened up the possibility of moving to core-based or processor-based licensing, or what we refer to as host-based licensing. These models essentially permit the licensing of an entire physical host server upon which an unlimited number of instances can be run.

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